Friday, February 1, 2013


I look around, and see everybody is soo busy…and here I am…doing nothing, wanting to do nothing...and neither am I motivated enough to do something.
Am I not ambitious enough or do I lack the wisdom to see what needs to be done. My Indolence sure was a happy state to be in till I realized I was being Indolent.
Why must we be always doing something to be happy. Why is there no pleasure in not dong anything, or not having anything to do..
I wonder, did all these inventions take place because somebody had a lot to do, or was it because somebody was simply being lazy
My mind doesn’t seem to be resting… With all this going on in my head…am I really being slothful.
Just this mere thought has turned my delightful state into stressful. If only my mind would relax …I would probably enjoy my being lazy.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I definitely do not suffer from a writer’s block, primarily because I do not believe there is something like that. I just had too many other things. Were they bigger and better things …yes, and no? But one thing is sure I just did not want to put pen to paper. Even though I admit I did have too much time, but no inclination. What is it that was holding me from getting down to writing….I guess I was just waiting to do everything that was right...within and outside and realized I ended up doing nothing….Procrastination indeed it was…and it got me nowhere….So here I am ..Putting my thoughts on paper. In the times gone by I have mastered the art of Procrastination……It did seem like a lot of fun, in trying to keep up with my Yesterday. It did make it hard for me to channelize my thoughts, and yet it made it easier to push it to another day….and then it turned to another month, year…and before I realized it turned into years…I always had convenient excuses and so never could find a convenient time….and now years later I wish I had not indulged in this form of self sabotage. So now onwards, no laziness, no excuses, no succumbing to my moods…my yesterday shall not move into my today, and my not Now shall Never turn into Never.