Friday, February 1, 2013


I look around, and see everybody is soo busy…and here I am…doing nothing, wanting to do nothing...and neither am I motivated enough to do something.
Am I not ambitious enough or do I lack the wisdom to see what needs to be done. My Indolence sure was a happy state to be in till I realized I was being Indolent.
Why must we be always doing something to be happy. Why is there no pleasure in not dong anything, or not having anything to do..
I wonder, did all these inventions take place because somebody had a lot to do, or was it because somebody was simply being lazy
My mind doesn’t seem to be resting… With all this going on in my head…am I really being slothful.
Just this mere thought has turned my delightful state into stressful. If only my mind would relax …I would probably enjoy my being lazy.

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Hema Sharma (Reality Management) said...

As always written beautifuly...U know how to play with words