Friday, April 4, 2014

Welcoming Life......

Life moves on, sometimes without turning, sometimes with sudden turnings and sometimes with no signposts to follow....It forms a pattern of its own. The ground underfoot, is sometimes soft and sometimes rocky....but Life flows the way it is meant to and the way we choose to make it to....

Like many of us, my path too has not been determined. I too have gone through my experiences. Life has been full of small segments, some have shaped me in the human being I have become, some made me the human being I would rather forget…but all these segments have been part of my life, enriching it. I look back and see a lot of Milestones that I have created…

And now in a few days ,Life is unfolding another beautiful chapter …I so look forward to…our son gets engaged to this lovely lady..The girl I have grown to love in the short span I have known her….A major beautiful chapter is being unfolded, putting new responsibilities on both of us
We start our journey, with shared dreams, accepting each other for who we are, and loving each other for all that we are.
 She hoping the man she is set to marry, loves her, respects her, cherishes her…and I hoping my son is raised well enough to love, respect and cherish the woman he has chosen to be his future wife.

As I sit here writing this I make a silent promise to this lovely girl with the brightest smile..Neha..I promise to give you my unconditional Love and support like I gave to my children.
I promise to care and strive for us to be together in every Joy, tear, storm, trial that Life bestows on us.
Nothing I have ever done has given me more happiness and joy than being a Mother. …..and I look forward to being your Mum too.


Renu said...

very happy to see you here Poonam!
I wish you all the best in your good thoughts..

Poonam J said...

Thank you Renu,
I guess am going to get back to blogging again, and catch up with all my Virtual friends.