Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Siblings To Me..........

While friendships come and go, the relationship between siblings is permanant.I got to choose my friends, who are always there for me, and ThankGod for them and for me choosing the right ones....but my siblings I never did get to choose, and thats what is so unique and precious about this relationship.What was common to us when we started our life was only our shared family identity.
But as we grew older, there was more to this sharing than just family identity.
I share with my siblings,[ a brother nd sister] an emotional bond that has only grown stronger with times.Among us we have lifetime of stories, laughter , tears, fights and hugs, all which have helped us strengthen our bond. We have build our relationship inspite of our disagreements, distance, family commitments.
If I have, besides my relationship with my parents, this is the only relationship that i have taken for granted.I have always admired the way my brother and sister have stood by me in times of my emotional, financial or anyother form of need. They have been my pillars of strength in my time of need.
As adults we have each taken extra efforts to establish a respectful and loving relationship with the spouses of eachother. This has further strengthened our bond.Though of different tempraments we fit together.
My sister was\is the peace maker, the simple one till today. My brother and self were and are a team.We as children were always protective about our sister and that hasnot changed.He and self are so emotionally aligned that the feeling as long as we are together, we can fight anything has stayed, making life easier to live during stressful times.
Though each one of us have dealt with our childhood in different ways,my siblings have in a way shaped me to be the human being that I am.I am forever Thankful to my Parents for having us.Their lives were not easier then but they made life easy for us...just by giving us one another.
And in todays world all that is spoken about is having just one amazes and saddens me.
I reflect on the fact at this age what my siblings have contributed into shaping me....The social skills that i acquired from my siblings extended beyond the four walls of our home.It influenced my interaction with my peers.I realized very early in life that my negative behaviour was accepted only at home and my peers would reject that. The art of giving , sharing came easy to me.Also I learnt to enjoy others moments than just mine. .....We laughed for\with eachother than At eachother. In our low moments we cried with and for eachother....we expressed our anger, annoyance and irritation without holding on to it.Despite our individual struggles, triumphs, joys, tears our relationhip runs deep
I read somewhere.....Your siblings are your true. My journey in life would have never been so comfortable and enduring but for them, brother and sister.....we are together for better and for worse


J P Joshi said...

I have been witness to this special bonding and have been proud, and envious, of you many a times.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Poonam :)


Many thanks for your interesting post.

I take this opportunity to clarify my view point in response to your comment on my post.

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Your statement that Americans are living in fear is totally baseless and merely a figment of your imagination. The weak- kneed- people who proclaim peace, shiver in their boots at the mere thought of a fight even to defend their own rights and respect. They don’t mind as long as other people are getting massacred by terrorists. It is ok as long as they and their near and dear ones are safe. These are the yellow, cowardly people who in the name of peace encourage terrorist organizations to grow, prosper and terrorize the world.

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Best wishes to you and your family for all happiness, success and peace in the new year 2009.


Poonam J said...

Hello Joseph P
Thankyou for your response, to my post.I do respect your views and partly agree to some of your views