Friday, May 22, 2009


Standing in my balcony, I notice these three puppies playing, wagging their tails.…not one person has gone by without these puppies walking up to them, sniffing and wagging their tails and all the people passing by are giving them smiles …instant connection these puppies have made with their human friends. All they did is wag their tails. …in their language indicating they are happy…..and, these puppies have turned strangers into friends.

The guard trying to shoo them away is also doing it so half heartedly…he came to them with a frown, and now his frown is a confused one. Thanks to his unwilling smile.

And me, standing here, looking at them, am all smiles…these little puppies helped me start my day with a smile……a smile does travel a mile eh???

The normally grouchy old man sitting in the lawn reading his newspaper, I notice has pushed his reading glasses down to his chin, no more is he interested in the latest happenings in the world…but has decided to take notice of the happenings around him….and there, wow he too is smiling…the same smile like me… ….The puppies have discovered something of interest, and the old man has found the puppies interesting. He notices me watching from the balcony, and nods, and ….smiles. I smile right back, and I wonder…….Why is it that we are so hesitant smiling when all that a smile does …….. Inspire another smile

The warmth of old mans smile could not be measured, it started from his lips, reached his eyes and heart…and Unlocked my heart…..
… came from him to me, and went back to him…..

The puppies left, maybe to spread their warmth else where, and I got back to my own work….but the smile stayed. My husband walked in and gave me one look, and asked...What have you been up to…u are smiling for no reason ?.....and he was smiling too…….I laughed….my smile had just burst, and I said a silent prayer. Thank you God for giving me the ability to smile for no apparent reason… I should wear my smile more often…..the world looks brighter and my soul feels refreshed.

The grouchy old man…I know will never be grouchy when I see him next, the ice had been broken, the boundaries between us had melt…and the distance between two human beings had reduced…my day would sure end well, what with the power of smile, that the puppies in their innocence had bought to me.


Smitha said...

That was so beautiful! And so true! A smile can make so much of a difference.. I guess happiness radiates out.. and spreads its cheer! Wonderful post! I have a hugs smile plastered over my face right now :) Thank you for spreading the smiles :)

Usha Pisharody said...

And I am smiling right now... :) For having known, virtually, this wonderful person too :)

Lovely post. Puppies and babies are the best, to break ice.. :D! Nothing can warm the cockles of the heart like they do :)

Indyeah said...

This was a beautiful read Poonam:))
I read this yesterday night and then came back to read it again to day..
both times it made me smile:))
thank you:)

A smile is so beautiful ....
wonder why people hesitate so much sharing them....

and I am smiling still:))

Solilo said...

Smiling all the way and every post of yours have same effect on me. It always gives me an oppurtunity to smile and think.

Just reminded me of few smiles which makes me the happiest:

1. My daughter's smile
2. My parents' smile whenever they meet me.

Anil P said...

A smile sure goes a long way. Puppies are difficult to resist, the innocence of the young.