Saturday, May 2, 2009


My husband often tells me…Why do you think with your heart? Think with your head. Do not turn it into an emotional issue.’ And Now, my daughter tells me the same…’Ma, why do you always think with your heart? Their tone sometimes makes me feel guilty……all for being emotional? This heart vs. head battle is never ending in my house.

It’s not my Menopause that makes me all emotional…This Is Me. The facts of life make me all emotional….and sometimes I express them through my words, but at other times through my sighs, sounds, and mostly through my eyes, which get misty, teary, blurred.

My emotions are always very close to the surface. Is it because I think with my heart? - an organ that just pumps blood. If the heart is the core of human existence. , why do we give it less importance than the head? I think, express, emote, perceive all with my heart. My heart is never in sync with my head

So many times I have seen in life, what my head does not understand, my heart does. It does not ask for logic, analysis…it just understands. The spoken and the unspoken. And then I just act on what it says, sometime impulsively to others, but to me it makes complete sense and sounds right. I let my heart lead the way.

Why are emotions or feelings from the heart not considered logical? What is so ridiculous about thinking from the heart ? The solutions that the heart gives may not always have reasons, but it always does have actions, and more so positive. Because this is where care, pride, joy, love, gratitude nest. And these emotions exist noiselessly….. so quietly they grow with every heartbeat. They swing, swirl and tangle within the heart. The degree of these emotions cannot be measured like the knowledge of the head, but they help in creating the world around me. Only the thoughts from the heart can stir emotions which the head never can.

So Dear Husband and Dear Daughter, I think with my heart because….

My head can confuse me, but my heart never lies to me
My head can hide facts, but my heart exposes them.
My head governs my soul, but my heart connects to it.
My head may know too much, but my heart feels it all.
My head can get all hard, but my heart forever stays soft.
My head can build up words, but it is my heart that phrases them
My head can make me see all, but only the best is captured by my heart.
My head can sometimes make enemies, but my heart always makes friends.
My head can sometimes miss out on Love, but my heart forever conserves it.

Above all…..

My head can only capture images of you my most loved, but my Heart is where you live. While my head constantly worries for you, my heart silently prays. My head measures the distance in kms. between us, but my heart only sees the bridges, giving me the feeling of Oneness.
So my dears, I can ignore the reasoning of the head, but never the feelings of my heart. Yes, I think with my heart not my head… causes no discomfort. For me the feeling of my heart is the existence of my being.


Indyeah said...

I agree Poonam:)
The heart knows it all...
andd like you I too think from the heart first and the head later if at all :)

The beautiful reasons that you have given for why you think with your heart..? Onsider them my words too :) for, you have said it more beautifully than I could:)

PS:- after a long time I realsed that this poetic soul whom I have been interacting with is JP's SIr's better half :))
I mean I knew this, but it had been in some forgotten corner of my mind :)
I call JP sir SIr but you somehow remain Poonam for, thats how I think of you now, as a friend:))

Poonam J said...

Hey Indyeah......yes am Joes BEST half...[no am not modest], and Poonam I am to u and all my friends, the ones who think with their Heart and also the ones who think with their Head.

Solilo said...

I just love reading your thoughts.

I am someone who uses my heart and head both and mostly head first than heart.

But when it comes to my dear ones, heart still takes over. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree Poonam the heart is our ruler because the head finds the mistakes and the heart makes us realize the brighter or good side. i hear my heart most of the times but it hurts when people who you love can not understand you.

Varunavi said...

Poonam i am like u,always give work to my heart than my head.

Loved to read ur thoughts :)

Indyeah said...

:D LOL@best half! :D:D
yeah you said it!*hides from JP Sir:)))*

J P Joshi said...

Indyeah: You donot need to hide as I openly accept that she is my best half. :)

Indian Homemaker said...

"My head can make me see all, but only the best is captured by my heart.
My head can sometimes make enemies, but my heart always makes friends.

The heart is wise!! And those who ignore what it says will miss the wisdom of the words above :)

Lovely blog!!

Poonam J said...

Indyeah....Sometimes I wish I could find a perfect balance between my heart and head.One day I guess the two shall be in sync....and even if they are not am still happy. Thank you for the hugs you never fail to bestow. They always manage to convey the warmth.

Poonam J said...

Solilo...Thank you, I guess the feeling is mutual, where reading blogs is concerned. I too enjoy reading yours.....i smiled at ..mostly think with my head...My heart is my compass to my has it all, the gud, the bad , the ugly...and on introspection..I can say..the Good always outweighs.Like I said earlier to day hopefully the two shall be in sync.

Poonam J said...

Varunavi....So we are two of a kind...yay..I always have felt, that my heart has never let me down, so where ever I go, what ever I do...i do with all my heart.

Poonam J said...

IHM..You are an inspiration to many bloggers like me.
yes, the heart is wise...Whenever I look into my heart my vision becomes clear...and then I just follow what it says.
Thank you for dropping by.

Smitha said...

That was beautiful and so well said!!! I too think with my heart - and have been told so umpteen times :( And you have explained it so so well !!!