Thursday, March 5, 2009

Me and I......

My Favourite person is My Me these days…but with my limited talents, my Me is showing signs of boredom. Thus I’ thought it would be happy to give My Me company

While I is getting all busy trying to find ways to amuse My Me….Me would rather have no I. Me knows this I can really get irritating not only for oneself but also for others. With this I coming in the way of My Me,...there are going to be problems, it can get into your heart, your being and your brain….and if that happens My poor Me is going to be so vulnerable, it is going to get hurt and messed up. This I will make Me feel stupid, and no different than the ones Me wants to stay away from.
Me is petrified, terrified because this I is gnawing at it slowly, it shall make Me do something dumb one day.Once I gets inside Me, it shall take Me hostage. This I can develop so many different personalities That Me shall be lonely.
I wants to be acquainted with Me.And by doing so it can tell Me about aspects that puzzle Me, I would give Me power, the tools to survive. Me then wouldn’t have to lock itself and be scared.
The tug of war continues…I wants to touch Me. Me does not want to be paralyzed.

Me is born to learn to grow, to expand, to create and to enjoy. With I , Me would loose itself. Me was not born to be perfect but with I taking over, all Me would get is imperfection.
I will change Me, and that shall make all the difference.


Indyeah said...

between all that me ,my and I ,I did understand the dilemna :D
hope it makes a difference too:)

Solilo said...

Is it between 'Aham' and 'Mum'? Interesting!

Piper .. said...

Hi Mam, just read JP Sir`s post and thought of saying hello! I hope you`re having fun at your Mom`s place. Good that you dont have to be home alone,now that Sir is away!

Poonam J said...

Hi Indyeah,
Thanx..taming my I is a task in itself, at times it does raise its hood, but My Me has strngth of its own.
Solilo...u guessed it right.
Piper...thanx for letting me know about Joes post..i just have been busy entertaining mum,she has so much to talk, and it is not easy just sitting and nodding your head.Looking forward to Joes getting back and return to My life .