Friday, April 17, 2009


The days have gone by, and I have not been feeling too well.
Got up this morning, wanting to try my hand at poetry....The words came, all jumbled, Is it the medicines, or is it the fatigue I feel in my bones...but I did try to pen.....MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT POETRY, if it is one

Lying on my bed,
I stare at the ceiling,
The fan moving at its own pace
Never tiring…….

My sweat I do not feel
Eyelids drop
And I see you
Thru my blurred vision.

You stand there
Looking at me, smiling
Oh that smile, just meant for me

I close my eyes,
Wanting to capture you in them forever
And all I know is that it is just
You and Me, Together

I see us walking on the beach,
Our feet wet in the sand,
We watch the sunset, hand in hand

The sea breeze,
Sends chills down my spine
I am so glad you are mine

I open my eyes,
To see your gentle look
It’s all but a dream….
That I mistook………..


Solilo said...

It is beautiful and its your first attempt. WOW!

Just call me 'A' said...

ha ha ha....illness does this to a person. an attempt definitely ;). reminds me of the poetry we write in school. carry on lady..try try try, try till you reach the sky :)

how are you feeling now?

WarmSunshine said...

Hello Poonam

Nice try I must say. I don't write poetry either and I never post it on my blog.

You have a nice blog. Will read it more often now, so I'm blogrolling you to keep updated :)


Poonam J said...

Thankyou Friends....for the takes a lot of courage..wonder how people do it. But like you say A...Keep Trying...I shall, just keep letting me know, if and when I do reach the sky.
Solilo....Thank you...I reread it and Iknow have along way to go..till I master the art of juggling with words.

Welcome Sunshine....Am glad you liked my blog. Helps me tide over my day.