Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Do I live only to eat?????? I ask myself. Why is it that I must stop every once a while…and be a scavenger…looking out for food to eat, in the pantry,in the store, in the fridge….I look at the fresh red tomatoes, the carrots….and they all seem so inviting. I hear them telling me..I am tasty…u will love me, so take me please. And then as if in a trance...I move towards them...grab them and love them for being so right about them selves.

From the corner of my eye I see that pack of my favorite chips…nodding at me, and I nod back saying...yes it is your turn next…..but you shall have to wait, because I have to muster the courage to stop at one….
Why does my belly rule my mind, and why do I always get attracted towards food that is good for the taste buds only… a foodie sinner….I pick the wrong ones, the ones that are palatable.

I have noticed that when am munching those chips...I have this stupid smile pasted on me….its like the cat who has had her stolen pot of milk….And all my worries[?]…… they seem to be going down, with every bite….

Fruits I love too. They help me in dealing with my guilt with my love for junk food. I love the green sweet and sour apples, [really?, says Joe. but then love is blind, and am in love with food] the strawberries, wow, how can one eat them, when they look so cute and innocent, but I try,…The grapes, I pick them and love the green they have…..wonder if anyone has noticed, they have the best ones on top of the bunch, so I eat them top to bottom, telling myself that I have the best till the last

Some days I decide, it's health food day. I must eat intelligently. Especially on those cold wintry or rainy days, I get this thought…and so nothing means more soothing than a cup of soup…with French fries[?] or a hot cup of green tea…with nuggets{?}Hot baked vegetables……with cheesy white sauce {?}. Or just plain dal chawal....and fresh green coriander……..and ghee {?}

Opposites do attract…so why does cream come to my mind when I think of cherries, Fresh veggie sandwich and I think of honey garlic mustard with mayonnaise? No red meat…but white…with mashed potatoes. Wow…the thought of these nutrient rich fruits and vegetables… makes me hungry.

The diversity of food, has made living pretty easy...Food and everything related with food, I love... the fridge, the store, the kitchen, the restaurants, I love to cook as much as I love to be fed . I am an explorer of food…food keeps me happy and pleasant…and is that not what one aims for in life……Besides getting happiness from the variety of food. ..I feel great when I see the happy faces of my friends and family, all eating together, having wonderful conversations ….with laughter…food sure tastes the best at times like this…junk or nutrient.


Indyeah said...

:D this is like me in so many places:D

I am trying not to be obsessed with food:D

you have penned it so aptly!:)
all the can be an addiction for sure

Sylvia K said...

I'll have to join the club! I love food -- healthy stuff and not so healthy stuff, just enjoy eating. And you're right, food can be an addiction, funny -- had trouble typing that word! Addicted?? Me?? No way! Yeah, sure.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments!

Solilo said...

I am obsessed with food. There was a time I was skinny and hated food. I don't know how and when I changed. :(:( Motherhood is an excuse.

Poonam J said...

Hi Indyeah....Sometimes I wish My Belly had a voice...then it would yell at me to stop.Sigh..just this thought makes me want to munch.

Hi Sylvia K...Welcome....Addicted, Obsessed thats me about food....and happy, always on afull belly.

Hi Solilo......I have tried to stay away from so called junk food for a few weeks...and then wisdom dawned and I realized...i had lost few weeks.

Anonymous said...

My siblings say food na. and I say food is my first priority. But I eat only when I am REALLY tensed that is not every day. when I feel life has become difficult I eat a lot but what to do. Food seems to be there when you can't say or share your sorrows. I do realize the days when I eat a lot but then think oh my GOD I am tensed. and try to come out of it.

Kals said...

After reading your blog i went and looked at the fridge if there was anything to eat. i hope we all had a zipper stomach so when we had the cravings we could remove the stomach and the food eaten would go straight as junk, just as the email where we could classify them. Good writing as usual.